Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vintage Angel Design

M. J. Wrote on November 12 2009
I have been meaning to send you some pics from the renovation that I did in Greensburg, PA. It came out gorgeous! I had my tile guy add some detail to the hood as you can see!

Thank You - Just love your Product and look forward to using it again when the application calls for it!

M.J. Meisner

Vintage Angel Design

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Kelly G Rogers said...

I bought one of these from . I installed and it works fine. Heats my 2000 square foot house. I have the pump connected to a UPS but I am not sure how long the pump will run if the electric goes out. I had it installed all winter and did not have to turn on my Electric heat once which saved me about 200 euro a month here in Romania.

The Electric is not stable here so I had to rush to take out the fire a couple of times because the water pump had stopped and the pressure valves were going off. The UPS will solve that but I don't know how long a UPS will keep my central pump going. I will attach a pic of what chimney heaters are in case you are not familiar with them. The pump is a Grundfos and has three speeds.