Thursday, September 8, 2016

How Our Kitchen Hood Evolved From “Simple” to STUNNING!

We just completed the building of our new home, and are extremely pleased with what we call the “most beautiful room in the house!”  That room is actually the kitchen!  We have secretly  learned  about a unique accessory that makes any kitchen exceptional!  The designers of the world boast about the beauty of granite counters, indirect lighting under hand-crafted cabinets, and even maintenance free flooring!  But there is one spectacular component that made a huge difference in the entire presentation of our kitchen! 

When we chose our stove top, we realized that because we wanted extra burners, our hood-exhaust area would have to be custom made.  We were able to capture old world charm with the way we configured our windows and island eating area, but we knew a dramatic “finish” for our stove area would be the look of a beautiful stone hood!  We knew a typical hand-designed stone hood would be expensive, but we were bound and determined to create the kitchen of our dreams with the final touch of a handmade custom stone hood!

Oh, where to look!  We set about seeking the right place from which to purchase our “dream” hood, but we also knew just the labor alone would most likely be more than we wanted to spend!  After all, a stone hood weighs hundreds of pounds, and we knew it would take several men to install the showpiece.

Wow!  We didn't know if we could complete our dream!  Then our luck changed!  Thank heavens for the internet!  We ran across a company at  I was stunned!  Why?  Because I had no idea we could get the look of hand-crafted stone for literally pennies on the dollar!  We discovered that the hoods were so cleverly constructed that they looked like heavy original stone, yet weighed far less than some of the conventional 

stainless steel hoods!  Two men could install the hood!

We were delighted with the design choices, and we chose the beautiful “Josephine” hood!  My husband and I ordered our hood, waited less than one month to have it delivered, and watched in disbelief as the installation was finished in less than 30 minutes!  What an outstanding, beautiful hood!  My kitchen was instantly transformed into a showplace!!!  Our stunning hood is the first thing anyone notices when walking into the room!

So this is our secret!  As the designer of our own beautiful kitchen, we can honestly say that the great people at Euro Cast Design gave us the finishing touch that made our kitchen much more than outstanding!  So if you are looking for a “touch” that will make your kitchen a design “standout,” contact this wonderful company! 
Don't be fooled by any other kind of pricing for a stone hood, when you can own a genuine looking piece of art for less than you ever thought possible!!!  Call (530) 888-7151, and see all the great designs!