Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The most practical stone range hood for the kitchen.

Euro Cast Design, Inc. (ECD) introduces a line of ultra-light pre-cast kitchen hoods made from crushed travertine. Oh Great! Another company with stone hoods, like we need another one!
But if you look closely these stone range hoods are in fact quite different then their “cast Stone” counterparts.
The engineering on these hoods was smartly done and the results are nothing less than remarkable. They save money, time and are so easy to install.
I do not expect every one of you to know how complex is the process of having a real stone or a cast stone range hood installed in your kitchens.
Simply put, the job involves several trades and thus several hidden factors (bills). You will need an architect to calculate how to reinforce the wall on which the hood will be installed. A designer will help you design the final product shape, color and texture. Once the hood is drawn to scale, a framing or general contractor will build a frame to support the (heavy) stone. At the same time you would order the real stone or cast cement stone to be fabricated from a reputable precaster. Drywall will be installed over the frame so an installer, mason or tile contractor can glue the stone to it. This process will likely involve braces and tie-downs to mechanically secure the heavy pieces. End.
Now somebody has to perform the magic act of installing the vent-blower and its liner without access to the inside of the hood. Access to the hookup for electrical and the duct for taping are nonexistent. You or your general contractor will need to coordinate all trades and material for this gruesome project. How can you effectively price out such a project?
Now let’s see why ECD’ hoods are so different. They offer several styles and sizes that will fit your needs, including the smallest stone hood unit ever available to you. This unit will actually fit in a 36” wall space. They have also few advantages. All models can be adjusted to your ceiling heights. They are installed in less than one hour; they do not need any framing, no drywall and hung like an upper kitchen wall cabinet with four lag bolts. They all have an invisible access panel to allow inspection and facilitate the blower hookup. They are available for 30 to 60 inch ranges and will accept most vent-blowers. ECD has taken away the coordination, most contractors and few other trades. All hidden costs are gone.
For the first time a new material is available for the kitchen hood industry. Stone for hoods, easy to install, so easy in fact that it could be considered a DIY project. Stone so light that now kitchen showrooms will welcome them as displays and their owners will be able to retain their customers instead of sending them to a precaster.