Sunday, October 5, 2008

New range hood made of Travertine

"When I first saw a picture of these beautiful ultra-lite cast travertine kitchen hoods I immediately understood their importance to the kitchen design industry and felt that I had to have one in my new showroom that we were opening in Highland Park, IL.

It is not often that a product comes along that is truly new and exciting. Untill now upscale kitchen and bath showrooms like ours faced a difficult challenge in displaying the older style cast stone cement kitchen hoods, due to their enormous weight and cost of installation.

We were able to install our "Josephine R-36" from Euro Cast Design and the vent/blower in less than 4 hours with our in house installers! In addition, any of the vent/blower we offer can be easily installed into these hoods. We have already seen tremendous interest generated by this new display."

Rick Glickman
Former NKBA President
3437 Dempster St.
Skokie, IL 60076
(847) 933-9100


Sheila M. Miller said...

This is very welcoming. I love the color and materials for the combination in remodeling the kitchen. Everything is perfect...! Really this range hood is perfect in a kitchen to improve the beauty and stylish. The color and materials are really captivating. Thanks for sharing such a great things.

Unknown said...

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